Collection of English Speaking Sessions

Keynotes in English

– Philip Steinberg, Durham – We are all ocean geographers now
– Agnieszka Leszczynski, London, Canada – Situating Digital Geographies
– Hamidreza Sadeghi, Tehran – Current Challenges and Strategies for Soil and Water Resources Management in Developing Countries
– Andrea Nightingale, Uppsala – The Power of Climate Change: knowledge politics, adaptation follies and ontological frictions
– Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London – The geography of the EU discontent and the revenge of the places that don’t matter

Journal Lectures in English

JL-02: Friday, 27.09.2019 / 14:15-15:45
Geographical Helvetica
Speaker: Elísio Macamo, Basel
Moderator: Benedikt Korf, Zürich
Elísio Macamo, Basel
Colonising Geographies – Gazes, Orderings and Full Circles

JL-05: Saturday, 28.09.2019 / 8:30-10:00
Zeitschrift für Geographiedidaktik
Speaker: Simon Catling, Oxford
Moderator: Péter Bagoly-Simó, Berlin
Simon Catling
The Challenge of Geography for Primary Children

JL-06: Saturday, 28.09.2019 / 14:15-15:45
Speaker: Michael Flitner, Bremen
Moderator: Martin Coy, Innsbruck
Michael Flitner
Losing Land, Making Land. On Naturecultures and Conditions of Production

JL-07: Saturday, 28.09.2019 / 16:15-17:45
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education (IRGEE)
Speaker: Chang Chew Hung, Singapore; Niranjan Casinader, Melbourne
Moderator: Gillian Kidman, Melbourne
Chang Chew Hung, Niranjan Casinader
Learning Geography that is life-long, life-wide and life-deep

JL-03: Saturday, 28.09.2019 / 16:15-17:45
sub\urban. zeitschrift für kritische stadtforschung
Speaker: Matthew Gandy, Cambridge
Moderator: Boris Michel, Erlangen; Lisa Vollmer, Weimar
Matthew Gandy
Saproxylic urban geographies and other-than-human ecologies

Special Events in English

SV-17 (L2-FS-053b): Thursday, 26.09.2019 / 10:30-12:00
Critical Military Geography II: Roundtable on Critical Military Studies
Moderator: Alexander Vorbrugg, Bern; Veit Bachmann, Frankfurt/Main
Panel: Trevor Barnes, Vancouver; Teresa Koloma Beck, München/Hamburg; Kathrin Hörschelmann Jena; Matthew Rech, Plymouth; Philip Steinberg, Durham

SV-18: Friday, 27.09.2019 / 8:30-10:00
Fair trade and free trade: a contradiction in terms? How economics and economic geography contribute to the debate
Moderator: Robert Hassink, Kiel
Panel: Gabriel Felbermayr, Kiel; Stefan Ouma, Bayreuth; Alexandra Hughes, Newcastle, UK; Dorothea Kleine, Sheffield, UK

SV-15: Sunday, 29.09.2019 / 14:15-15:45
ECOPOTENTIAL – linking big data from in-situ with remote sensing for earth observation through geoinformatics and models
Moderator: Carl Beierkuhnlein, Bayreuth; Ariane Walz, Potsdam
Panel: Carl Beierkuhnlein, Bayreuth; Niels Hellwig, Potsdam/Osnabrück; Ariane Walz, Potsdam; Danijela Markovic, Osnabrück; Severin D.H. Irl, Frankfurt/Main; David Kienle, Bayreuth; Dagmar M. Hanz, Frankfurt/Main; Manuel J. Steinbauer, Erlangen; Samuel Hoffmann, Bayreuth; Mirela Beloiu, Bayreuth; Anna Walentowitz, Bayreuth; Michael Manthey, Greifswald; Heinke Jäger, Puerto Ayora